AngloConcertina Tutorial

Note from the Author

This tutor was initially made for my friend Daniel Bradbury in Tampa, Florida and shortly after I finished the first side a number of people were showing an interest in English style playing, particularly Alex C Jones on the website. I decided to add a second side to the tape and included some recent and old playing with GIGCB and Rosbif.

The tutor was not recorded in a studio and does include some playing and verbal mistakes. Alex however has done a superb job in converting the tape to CD, in removing the recording clicks and ensuring that the CD is now in tune for people to play along with. My thanks to Alex for this work and in his help with the distribution of the CD.

I cannot express the importance of the first lesson, which was a major help to me when I first started. It is not included but a useful addition would be to practice the 1 & 3 buttons on the left hand on the pull notes only before advancing to the first tune.

I would like to thank David Barnert for his hard work in writing out the music for me, which must have been a nightmare as I rarely play a tune the same way each time. Chords have not been included for this reason.

Finally my thanks to Dan, Dave, Alex and the International Concertina Association for their support to me in this project.

The music has been written as I played it and could vary from the original version. I am happy for this tutor to be copied and distributed providing no profit is made.

Alan Day
Horley, Surrey, England
January 2004

You can download a pdf of the transcribed tunes here.


Lesson – Coordinate the Right and Left Hand

Lesson – Bass Notes

Lesson – Oscar Wood’s Jig

Lesson – Congo

Lesson – Jack Robinson

Lesson – Willow Express

Lesson – Haste to the Wedding

Lesson – Walter Bulwer’s Polka No 1

Lesson – La Ruban Bleu

Lesson – Unidentified Tune

Lesson – Summertime, Bellows Shake

Lesson – Brother’s In York

Lesson – Kost er Choat

Lesson – Princess Royal

Lesson – Oscar Wood’s Jig and Recap

Lesson – French Bouree

Lesson – French Bouree

Lesson – Princess Royal (version 2)

Lesson – Princess Royal (version 3)

Lesson – Jean’s Waltz

Lesson – New Rigged Ship / The Lady

Lesson – Spaghetti Attack

Lesson – Spaghetti Panic


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